Who We Are

It all started in 1995, while working full time at Hart, Schaffner & Marx. We decided to purchase a commercial embroidery machine to give the world of personalization a try. Here we are, 28 years later and grown into much more. While we do 1 piece requests, a majority of our business is with small corporate that are in need of a decorator that handles all of the details and in a quick turnaround time.

At ACE, we will embroider on your goods or we can provide the goods. Whether you have 1 item or 1 million items, we can help. Our 28 years experience has brought on so many different projects, that we are proud to admit, that we haven’t turned away many projects at all. So call us, fill out our form and let’s get ‘er done!

We also do subcontract work for the Decorator’s and Promotional Industry. Please email us for a wholesale price list.

A Digital Solution

We’ll take your logo and turn it into stitches to be embroidered on any item or we’ll turn it into ink to be printed onto any item.

Forward Thinking

We’re on cutting edge with latest trends in decorated apparel, but we don’t know it all, so your ideas are always welcome!

Problem Solvers

We take on projects that most others don’t. Whether it’s a time issue, design issue, or item in stock issue, give us a call and most likely, we’ll get it done and done fairly.

Customer Support

Call or text us anytime. We’re here to help.


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